Governor Joseph Gale and His Indian First Lady

The life and times of Joseph Gale and the founding of Oregon's First Provisional Government.


Listed below are the direct Gale descendents that we give a special thank you and appreciation to, for their contribution of time, information and family history.

Ina Simpson Contreras

Ina Fern Contreras, last living granddaughter of Joseph and Eliza Gale, proudly shared until her death, family facts, details and pictures, in personal interviews, correspondence and by telephone with Glenn Densley. Aware of Ina’s sentiment of the Gale’s old home in Eagle Valley, Glenn presented her a living clump of lilac that Eliza Gale, had planted many years ago at the Gale homestead in New Bridge, Oregon. Lineage to Joseph Gale: Ina Simpson/Lucretia Gale/Joseph and Eliza Gale.

Barbara Nugent

Barbara Nugent is a very special person dedicated to preserving the Gale family history and the completion of this book. Barbara’s interest was inspired by her Aunt Alice Edwards English, who lived with Lucretia Gale Simpson, and by her cousins, Michael and Jeanie English, who shared their vast family photos and oral history. Lineage to Joseph Gale: Barbara Trent/Wilva Edwards/Wynema Scrimsher/Daisy Simpson/Lucretia Gale/Joseph and Eliza Gale.

Terri Semrau

Cuddy family members gathered at the home of Ray and Carol Darling to welcome the descendants of the first Cuddys to settle in our area. Brother and sister, Josef Leicht, Jr. of Portland, Oregon, and Terri Semrau of Vienna, Austria. It was 150 years ago that John F. Cuddy arrived here and established a cabin west of Lake of the Woods. John and Margaret Gale married in 1858. Josef Leicht and Terri Semrau are descended from their second daughter, Mary Agnes. Lineage to Joseph Gale: Terrese Lee Underwood/Beverly Joan Coolbaugh/Mary Irene Barnes/ Mary Agnes Cuddy/Margaret Gale/Joseph and Eliza Gale.