Governor Joseph Gale and His Indian First Lady

The life and times of Joseph Gale and the founding of Oregon's First Provisional Government.


This book is written to honor Oregon’s First Governor, Joseph Gale, and his wife, Eliza, First Lady of Oregon, for their contribution to Oregon and the Manifest Destiny of our nation. Eliza Gale, a full-blood Indian of Nez Perce and Walla Walla royalty, was the daughter of old Chief Joseph, and half-sister to the famous Young Chief Joseph and War Chief Ollokot, of the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce tribe. Joseph Gale was an educated man of humble beginnings who rose in power and prominence from the sheer desperation to survive and the genius of necessity. In these pages, you will discover a detailed time line of the life of Joseph and Eliza Gale.There are passages in our book that will reveal previously unknown family details, including pictures, news paper articles, court records, estates, births, locations of graves, and mysterious deaths. This will be a treasure trove to a researcher or genealogist. With the information we have gathered, family lines can proudly trace their heritage back to the famous First Governor of Oregon and his Indian First Lady. With his heart and mind Joseph Gale followed his dreams, unaware that his exploits and accomplishments would one day be history. The descendents of Joseph Gale have preserved and cherished the memories passed down of the Gale family life, and the happiness they had while living at New Bridge Oregon, in the beautiful Valley of the Eagles. You will find those memories, as well as years of research, within these pages, as you relive the adventurous past that is the life and times of the remarkable Joseph Gale. It is with great pride we remember and honor Joseph Gale, Oregon’s First Governor.